IVCO 2024


Day 1, IVCO 2024

Building bridges: Volunteering and solidarity amidst global crises of today and tomorrow

September 10, 2024

The keynote speech will set the conference’s tone by reflecting on past, current and anticipated global crises and where volunteering sits in relation to them. It will inspire and challenge delegates to reflect about connections and solidarity in this context, setting the stage for an impactful day (and conference!) ahead. As we start the day, keep note of your questions and comments in response to this keynote session: there will be time allocated for questions, collective reflections and discussion before lunch to make the most of our plenary time.

Session objectives:

  • Delve into the impacts of historical, current, and prospective global challenges and crises on the work of humanitarian and development organisations and explore the role of connections through or from volunteering at community, national and international levels.
  • Question whether the relationships we have in the ‘volunteering for development’ sector are enough at a time of rapid change globally.
  • Invite delegates to explore the ways in which connections in volunteering can help build alternative strategies and approaches that foster more socially and environmentally just futures.

Panel Session