IVCO 2024


Day 2, IVCO 2024

Convivial work: Building mutually supportive relationships

September 11, 2024

After the different breakout sessions, the convivial work will be an opportunity for delegates to reconvene in the plenary room and share learnings and key reflections from Day 2. Facilitated smaller group discussions in the plenary space will continue to foster collaborative reflections from individual, organisational and sectoral lenses. For this activity, participants will be provided with a recipe book template to creatively reflect on how to build mutually supportive relationships (as opposed to breaking partnerships from the morning session!).

We will explore:

  • The ingredients, timings and measurements for recipe(s) to make (or bake!) a mutually supportive partnership.
  • The questions that need to be asked when setting up and sustaining partnerships over time.

Collective Activity