IVCO 2024


Day 1, IVCO 2024

What questions do the intersecting global crises raise for volunteering and development?

September 10, 2024

The breakout sessions are curated as ‘brave’ spaces to have difficult conversations, share challenges and situate volunteering in the wider ecosystem of development. Here we will focus on who we are as diverse actors in the volunteering sector, understanding the nature of crises and acknowledging their depth and what they mean to us.  We will also connect the local to the global by inviting delegates to talk about challenges they encounter at different levels, as well as collectively brainstorm current and potential coping strategies.

In this session, we will:

  • Identify key human, technological and ecological crises impacting the volunteering sector.
  • Explore how the intersecting global crises of today and tomorrow are relevant for volunteering and development.
  • Interrogate where the challenges are emanating from and how these crises are impacting, affecting and/or shaping for volunteering and development.

There are four different modalities of breakout sessions have been designed to amplify diverse voices and promote opportunities for delegates to share their experiences in engaging ways. Click here to find out more about what to expect from each of the different breakout session types.

Breakout Session