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IVCO 2021 Introductory Paper: 44 Questions about Inclusive Volunteering for Global Equality


This Introductory Paper for IVCO 2021 introduces the conference theme – Inclusive Volunteering for Global Equality, and sub-themes – Decolonisation, Digitalisation, and Directionality. Each topic is introduced by a short theoretical text followed by a set of questions aiming to inspire and mobilise discussion at IVCO 2021 and beyond. It is part of a research series for IVCO 2021 that also includes a Framing Paper by Benjamin Haas and Victor Moinina and a series of think pieces on aspects of the conference theme.

Gerasimos Kouvaras is the Country Director of ActionAid in Greece and a member of the Forum Board.  Before joining ActionAid, among others, Gerasimos served Amnesty International as Director for Greece and the Greek Ministry of Education as Special Advisor on Volunteering and the Youth Sector. He has 25 years of engagement as executive director, instructor, advisor and volunteer in and for the civil society sector at the national and international level. Gerasimos is also a PhD in Management candidate at Cass Business School of City University of London and he holds an MBA from Nottingham Trent University, concentrating on non-profit management (dissertation on volunteer satisfaction), and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki.

Full details of the IVCO 2021 conference, hosted by Forum and ActionAid Hellas from the 16th to the 21st of October 2021, can be found at ivco2021.org

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