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Inclusive Volunteering for Global Equality - IVCO 2021 Conference Report

The questions of how volunteering for development (V4D) can embrace all forms of diversity and how it can ensure that “no one is left behind” were the main focus of IVCO 2021. Therefore, the different thematic sessions connected broader debates around diversity and inclusion with discussions on the decolonisation of V4D programmes and organisations. While diversity and inclusion have to be analysed in the context of local or national efforts around including a diverse group of people in volunteering programmes, decolonisation draws attention to historical legacies, post-colonial power relations and structural racism on a local and global scale. Both debates are ultimately centred around questions of power, privilege, structural discrimination and mechanisms of exclusion and were therefore addressed jointly at the conference. IVCO 2021 aimed to link both debates by inviting researchers, practitioners, and volunteers to exchange best practices, discuss the barriers preventing inclusive volunteering on the part of institutions, societies, organisations, and volunteers, and recommend solutions. Over the course of these sessions, not only opportunities and challenges of the sectors’ digital transformation were discussed, but also the possibilities of new models and directionalities to no longer restrict V4D to sending volunteers from traditional donor countries in an effort to connect international, national and local volunteers for more sustainable impacts – in the spirit of decoloniality.

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