IVCO 2024


Day 2, IVCO 2024

‘How to break a partnership’: An accessible toolkit!

September 11, 2024

We have all heard about how to make a great partnership - but what about breaking one? In smaller group roundtables in the plenary, delegates will be challenged to explore failure in our relationships and connections. Each group will be asked to work together to develop a ‘toolkit’ using a provided template with questions such as: How could we ensure the total failure of one of our initiatives? How can we completely ruin our relationships and partnerships?

In this interactive session we will:

  • Explore failure – not as a necessarily negative concept but as something to learn from.
  • Examine what damaging/destructive partnerships look like.
  • Develop a ‘How not to’ toolkit which can be used to support reflecting on existing and potential future relationships.

Collective Activity