IVCO 2024


Day 3, IVCO 2024

Packing for the journey!

September 12, 2024

The last day of the IVCO Conference will focus on the key take-aways for the future through a dialogue on what it means to shift from ‘volunteering for development’ to ‘volunteering for solidarity’ approach, and what we might need to ‘pack’ for this journey. We will consider practical examples and approaches to building solidarity and sustaining connections in times of crises. We will also explore the ways in which volunteering can challenge those inequalities and build alternative strategies and approaches (with a focus on ethics and integrity) that foster more socially and environmentally just futures.

The following questions will guide this conversation:

  • How do we work to integrate processes of learning and unlearning that challenge unsustainability and seek out emerging ways of being and doing?
  • Are our organisations committed to building the conditions for respectful and mutually supportive relationships – and to critically reflect on our practice in an ongoing manner?
  • What do we need to take with us in this journey?

Panel Session